• SkyCity

    We are an approved training organization and provide professional pilot training whole year-round.

  • International Training

    Our staff have varios experience in providing flight training for international students. Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions.



Have you ever dreamed of flying?
Would You like to become a pilot , or maybe just have a good time or make a surprising gift to someone ?

In Sky City you can fulfill your dreams. We offer a wide range of air services. From pilot license PPL (A) training ,through familiarization flights , rental and sale of aircraft.

We are Aviation Training Centre , located at airport Szczecin Dabie EPSD . We conduct flight training for pilot license PPL (A) , to which we invite all, starting at 16 years of age.

Familiarization flights is our choice for anyone who wants to move to the exciting world of aviation , learn airplanes fly , feel what it's like to be a pilot , and above all, have great fun.

For all already operating in the aviation environment , we offer interesting and useful course of English phraseology - Aviation ICAO exam preparation .

If you want to fly and you already have a license , we offer rental of airplanes with an instructor or without .

Wondering about buying a plane? What matters to you is the highest quality, incredible comfort of the flight characteristics ?
Sky City is an authorized representative of the German manufacturer Aquila A211 aircraft , which represents all of these features . Adding to them solid and reliable service.

Our company was founded with a passion for flying ... for life ... for adventure and we want to share this passion with all of you !